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About A Girl


Q: So, is that your real name?

A: Yep. Hi! And here is my real face (although my hair is purple now):

I’ve decided to open a space under my real, actual name, one where I could write about the things that move me, whatever that may be.  At any rate, this is a place for me to be me, which includes becoming Google searchable to any former or future employers (if you’re reading this – hi! I promise not to blog on work time!).

I live in Seattle, Washington, although I’m originally from New York City and grew up in the Bay Area of California. I lived in the United Kingdom on and off for a fair number of years and am currently employed as an online marketing manager for digital subscription products for a business-to-business focused company. I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, a wonderful place I wish were cheaper and more accessible.

I’ve been an active blogger for almost 10 years now, but mostly on Livejournal, where I could friends-lock and under blogs that didn’t have my real name attached to them. I’ve also been an active participant and several feminist/progressive community blogs and have even written a guest post for Shakesville.

I’m married to an awesome dude and have an adorable dog.

I like the Planet Money Podcast and feel like in an alternate universe I could have gone into finance. I idolized Agent Scully as a teenager and in an alternate alternate universe could have been a forensic pathologist. I have a master’s degree in quite literally the most useless topic imaginable (ask me about it!). I am constantly writing things in my head. I am awesome at knitting, want to learn to sew, and have mastered the art of putting up vegetables and fruits all the while being thrilled to be privileged enough to never really have to.

So that’s me. You can email me if you want to.


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